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Spontaneous Adventures in Sydney

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Well it was a lazy Friday morning in Sydney, over 80 degrees and we weren't sure what to do. Feeling like we'd seen everything in the area of our hostel and walked just about everywhere else, nothing was jumping out at us for a plan. On our budget we didn't want to spend a lot and weren't feeling up for any museums.

We spent the morning catching up on the internet with friends and pictures and occasionally vocalizing a “What are we doing today?” that was usually met with silence. Next thing we knew, it was after 2pm! We took a break and headed downstairs for some tea, on our way back we passed the bulletin advertizing sailing on one of the local tall ships. We did a double take, it actually looked like a good deal!
$139 value for $40...includes hour and a half sail, mast climb, and open bar. Oh and it sails every day at 3:45pm. Gosh, we should do this today!


A quick check online told us nothing about the availability for the day so we packed a bag and headed in the direction oh the harbour. Stopping along the way we confirmed that yes, we could do it that day for the advertised price deal, we just had to be at the dock in half an hour. We had to speed walk since it normally takes us 45 minutes to get to the dock, but we made it!


And it was a beautiful afternoon for a sail! We were on the Southern Swan, build in 1922 in Denmark. Long story short, the Southern Swan made the voyage from England to Australia in 1988, to take part in the famous Australian Bicentennial First Fleet Re-enactment and has stayed there since.


We started with the mast climb since you couldn't drink until after the climb. It was quite windy but gorgeous views from up there, unfortunately we weren't allowed to bring a camera or spend much time up there since there was a lot of people who wanted to climb during that sail. But to just hang out up there would have been awesome!

IMG_8204.jpg Ready_for_the_mast_climb.jpgClimbing_the_rigging.jpg

After the climb we got some champagne, then decided they'd be better as mimosas and just enjoyed the ride. We sailed under the harbour bridge which was a new direction for us and there was a bit of commentary on the surroundings that we listened in on.


Though there had been dolphins in the harbour the day before, none were to be found that day. Despite my best efforts of looking...Looking_for_dolphins.jpg

Sometimes it gets really tough not having things planned out, especially for me, but being able to do these spontaneous activities is awesome!!

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Sculptures by the Sea -Bondi to Coogee

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Elizabeth and I waited for the second to last day to see the sculptures by the sea. It was also the second hottest day we'd been here. And a Saturday. It was packed with people. I'd actually read about the Sculptures by the Sea walk in a blog months ago, but didn't remember the dates, so I'm glad we timed it right!

We took a couple buses to get to Bondi Beach where it all starts, and headed South to Coogee Beach. Not sure I'll ever like buses, but we eventually made it. It was the first time we'd been to Bondi and it's a touristy beach town from what we could tell from the half an hour we were there. We got some last minute supplies we'd been needing...sunglasses for me and a hat for Elizabeth...and headed out on the walk.

It's advertised as 6km but definitely felt a lot longer. Probably partly because we were surrounded by so many people we couldn't walk normally. We only lost each other once in the crowd but there was a ton of people everywhere. You can't tell from most of my pictures since I was trying to avoid capturing the mobs of people and focusing on the sculptures and picturesque landscape.

In the end it was hot (mid 80s), long, and totally worth it. The path goes up and down stairs so you go from being along a beach/water level to being up on a cliff overlooking the ocean and the next beach as it follows the shoreline south to Coogee. I took way too many pictures and will now just post a lot of them.




One of my favorites for sure...a simple glass ball with water in it.

You know you're in Australia when there's giant jugs of free sunscreen:


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Watching (or mostly looking for) Whales

Sydney Harbour

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We went whale watching the other day, last week. Sydney is right along the whale migration for mostly humpback whales, though southern right whales are less frequent but also commonly seen. We're nearing the end of the migration so we knew there wouldn't be as many as if we'd come a month earlier...but we still got to see 1 adult, and follow him for a little bit.


We also spotted some sharks, though not sure what kind, and a lot of sea birds.
On our way back, in the harbour, we even saw a pod of dolphins checking out a kayaker! So wish I coulda been that kayaker! They were right along side the kayak all swimming about, that was really neat.

IMG_8172.jpg IMG_8179.jpg

It was another gorgeous day and we got a great boatride through the harbour to Many and back as well.

IMG_8191.jpg IMG_8194.jpg

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Green Spaces and Sleeping Places

First week in Sydney

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Well I've been in Sydney, Australia a week now, a week! It feels both long and short at the same time, but in the end I've already done a lot and haven't gotten around to this blog yet.
Still in the trial stages, I haven't even decided if I'll send the link to anyone yet. But for now, I'll write things and post pictures and they'll be a bit of a delay as I write about the past week and post sporadically.
Sydney has not been what we'd expect for a big city. Before getting here everyone told us Melbourne is so much better and don't stay in Sydney too long, but we'd already set a vague plan to be here first, so we followed through on that. Wow, Sydney is beautiful! Aside from the massive Royal Botanical Gardens, there's tons of other parks and green spaces that we tend to find unexpectedly as we turn a corner down a new road.


There's a ton of awesome, or at least new, birds here that I'm not used to seeing or hearing. There will probably just be a bird post with a compilation of the pictures, but this guy was too colorful not to post right away.


We're staying in Kings Cross which is the cheaper (still $33 a night!) area, the redlight disctrict actually, but since we've been doing so much during the day we're in bed by 9 (around the time the other girls in our room are getting dressed for the clubs) so we haven't been out at night which is fine. Our room has 10 girls in it and a fridge, and not much else, but there's a cool window that opens up to a cute little balcony that we absolutely love. And we love that we're in a suburbs called 'Woolloomooloo'.


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First posting...

This is where I write things and figure out how to upload pictures.

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