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A New Zealand Decision

2 days before we flew to NZ, we didn't know we were going to NZ

Ever heard of a relocation deal? Car companies give a discounted rental price if you drive their vehicle where they need it to be, within their time frame. You just cover fuel and, depending on the deal, any extra mileage you go over what they allot for the trip, plus insurance if you want full coverage instead of basic/standard coverage.

What's the catch? There doesn't seem to be one. You just need to have a flexible plan of where you want to be when, or maybe find a relocation that fits your plans if you're lucky.

Rewind for a second, we're just outside of Sydney after turning down jobs in Sydney and have no clue what we're doing. On our list was New Zealand, particularly in the summer months. Since we didn't have a Christmas/New Year's plan, we thought, why not New Zealand?!

One of the things we wanted to do in New Zealand was to rent a camper and explore the countryside. Well, we didn't have more of a plan than that, knowing we wanted to explore both the north and south island, so we started looking into relocation deals after trying to look into campervan rentals and finding that overwhelming, trying to find the best deal for an undetermined amount of time.

After hearing a couple good reviews about helpx, a website that links travelers to work exchange opportunities (ranging from wwoofing, hostels, etc) and luckily 1 membership covers Australia, New Zealand, most of Europe, Canada, and the US. Most of the work exchange programs involve working a couple hours in exchange for accommodation, sometimes food is included, and work varies from hostel, to house to farm work.

Emailing a couple places just outside Christchurch (South Island) and getting promising responses, we decided to go for it all.

New Zealand, relocation, and help exchange.

We booked a plane ticket for 2 days away. Reserved a relocation from Auckland to Christchurch for 3 days away. And let the realization sink in that, we were going to New Zealand in 2 days!!!

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