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Numbers, Take 2

Everyone loves numbers...

Well! I had so much fun coming up with my first [Numbers] post, I thought I'd do a second one to tell the story of my East Coast travel. I bought a 1 way Greyhound bus ticket to travel from Sydney to Cairns, and though I've written a bit about what I've done along the way (Fraser, Kayaking, Whitsundays, Horses, Yongala Dive) I haven't told you where I've gone exactly. That will happen soon, sometime. But first, some numbers...

Days it took me to get from Sydney to Cairns: 67

All about the Greyhound bus...
Hours on a bus: 49
Miles (km) traveled on the bus: 1,919 miles (3,087km)
Buses taken: 11

Towns I stayed overnight in: 14
Hostels stayed at: 19
Nights spent on a boat: 3
Nights spent in a tent: 4

The people..
Americans I met: 6
People I could tell were American and purposely didn't meet: 4

And of course...
Pictures taken: 3,288

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Numbers of Travel

No pictures, just numbers

View Adventures in the Southern Hemisphere, Part 1 on smr1188's travel map.

With my travelling partner headed back to the other side of the world we started looking back at our trip and reminiscing. I've always had a thing for numbers, so why not look at some numbers of the trip so far. As of March 23 we have...

Met 16 Americans

Drank 3 bottles of Whiskey

Been on 5 flights and 8 trains

Rented 4 vehicles...and spent 41 days with a vehicle

Spent 55 days in New Zealand

Spent 85 days in Australia

Visited 4 out of 8 states in Australia

Slept in 11 different beds (in 85 days) in Australia (That's an average of 7.7 nights per place!)

Slept in 32 different beds (in 55 days) in New Zealand (That's an average of 1.7 nights per place!)

Worked 5 different helpx programs

Hung out with 3 cats and 6 dogs

Visited 11 National Parks (6 in New Zealand, 5 in Australia)

And there's nothing like curling up with a favorite show or movie at the end of the day so we watched...
72 Episodes of Psych
35 Episodes of Friends
23 Movies

Oh, and I've taken 8,834 pictures.

Would anyone like to see any other numbers or counts of something?

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New Zealand Wrap-up

That's right, last post of NZ! (Unless I think of something else...)

This is a miscellaneous collection of pictures and maybe brief stories from the North Island that didn't fit anywhere else.

While in Hawke's Bay we drove up to the lookout and there were some gorgeous views!

While in Hawke's Bay, you have to go to at least a couple winerys and do some wine tasting. We went to a couple places, and one gave us a tour which was interesting to learn about some of the wine making process.

In Gisborne we dragged ourselves out of bed quite early in the morning to see the sunrise. Sunrises are cool but the special point of this one was that Gisborne is the first town in the world to see the sunrise!

Our hostel was right across the street from the water, so we had gorgeous views from our bedroom window...

Just outside of Gisborne there's the longest pier in the southern hemisphere. Well cool. We had to go check it out! At 660m (almost a quarter mile!) in length, it offers a nice walk out over the water and several fishing and jumping activities, if you're into that sort of thing.

We drove up to the northern tip of the north island and did a tour to Cape Reinga. Our bus driver was crazy, but it was cheap for New Zealand and we got to see a lot.

This involved everything from hiking to a lighthouse which is the official northern most point.

To seeing the Tasman Sea meet the Pacific Ocean

There were neat views and beaches below...

We stopped by some huge sand dunes, for those that wanted to climb up and sand board down.

And our bus went off roading and drove down 90 Mile Beach (though it's really only 55 miles or so)

Our last stop before Auckland was the Kauri forest. These Kauri trees are the largest in New Zealand and roughly 2,000 years old!!

This concludes the New Zealand adventure, now it's back to Australia and on to new places and adventures. (Unless of course I realize I've forgotten something important about New Zealand, then I'll be sure to add it). We covered a lot of ground in New Zealand with 3 different vehicles and over 8,000km driven, and we slept in 32 different beds in 55 days.

Relocation Roadtrip

Relocation Roadtrip

South Island Roadtrip

South Island Roadtrip

North Island Roadtrip

North Island Roadtrip

We'll certainly miss New Zealand!!!

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